Advanced Ace Hack Kit (retired – saved for posterity)

The Advanced Ace Hack Kit – for HTC Desire HD and HTC Inspire

AAHK will work on Inspires on AT&T’s latest ROM, 3.20.502.52 only after following the steps outlined here: .


  • Do not attempt to hack a phone with a broken control (like a volume button).  We will not help you.  There is good reason for this; if the phone gets to an unbootable state, then you can’t recover it.  Stay stock.
  • If your PC environment is not ready to run this kit, there is a good chance your device will not boot properly until you fix your PC or switch to another and re-run the hack kit from the partial boot. READ THIS ENTIRE POST and READ THE EFFEN MANUAL! There is no substitute for READING for COMPREHENSION
  • Do NOT use earlier versions Ace Hack Kit (12.x and lower) on Inspire or DHD devices shipped with Gingerbread.
  • Do NOT attempt to downgrade a Inspire or DHD shipped with Gingerbread with a Froyo RUU.
  • Do NOT attempt to install earlier ENG HBOOTs on these models. AAHK now has Hboots that safely support fastboot image flashing.
  • Doing this WILL severely degrade bootloader performance on Inspires and DHDs and causes issues trying to install RUUs. In other words, it WILL jam you up. (Note: Issue confirmed on later DHDs – ignore at your own risk).
  • Sense 3, including those with RELOCKED HTC BOOTLOADERS (NOTE: NOT UNLOCKED – MUST BE LOCKED OR RELOCKED) is auto-detected in hack step. Option is given to download a GB RUU and downgrade or abort. This WILL wipe data.

#include <std_disclaimer.h>


Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because you can’t tether. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this tool before running it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


(Disclaimer borrowed heavily from cyanogenmod)


  • Custom AAHK Bootloaders support popular ENG S-OFF functions for both Sense 2 and Sense 3 partition layouts
  • Only ONE menu step – HACK ACE
  • No ROM downgrade required (only radio/kernel) for devices not running sense 3
  • The original ROM is retained (except when downgrade from Sense3-GB is required)
  • No wiping data for devices not running sense 3
  • Rom is fully functional (yes, inc wifi)
  • Fully rooted with insecure boot image (supports adb remount for rw system)
  • Busybox manager app installed
  • Radio S-Off, superCid & carrier sim unlock
  • Correct Radio is automagically restored for HSPA+ operation
  • Clockworkmod Recovery included
  • All known Inspire/DHD builds supported
  • Easy return to stock for SOME builds (See the Effen Manual – not all carrier RUUs are available)


  • Please do NOT run the hack step if you are already S-OFF AND are running a custom ROM. It’s pointless, and while it won’t brick you, you can get jammed up a bit. This is for stock devices only.
  • You MUST read the ENTIRE EFFEN MANUAL in order to run the hack kit.
  • Do NOT try to run this from a VM – particularly VirtualBox. You WILL get jammed up and may wind up flashing an RUU to recover, losing data in the process.
  • Do not use USB 3.0 ports – use USB 2.0
  • After kernel downgrade – video is lost on boot – this is okay as adb is working and can be used to finish the process. If the process fails, it can be restarted once the PC environment is corrected. When the process completes successfully, everything is restored and fully working.
  • Youtube videos are neat demos, but they make poor guides. READ THE EFFEN MANUAL. “There is no substitute for reading for comprehension.” – GenePoole
  • Make sure you extract the hack kit to your pc maintaining the directory structure in the archive you downloaded. The docs will be in the root directory of the unarchived kit, as will the scripts. READ THE EFFEN MANUAL.
  • I can’t believe that so many people are asking where the effen manual is. THE EFFEN MANUAL IS IN THE EFFEN HACK KIT.
  • This kit should work fine on HTC Inspire and HTC Desire HD Software versions below 3.06.405.1 which require the radio/kernel downgrade before a root exploit is available.

Windows Prep:

  • IMPORTANT – disable all malware (Antivirus detection etc) detection before unarchiving the hack kit. Keep it off thoughout the hack kit processes. Many Windows malware detection programs report false positives, deleting or binding critical files required by the process.
  • IMPORTANT – Remove or disable all services and daemons you can, particulary anything Apple, blackberry, PDAnet, Microsoft Mobile, anything USB not required for this task, any resource hogs. Also disconnect all un-needed USB devices and USB HUBs.
  • Remove HTC Sync and drivers.
  • Only after completing the above steps, install the drivers contained in the Hack Kit (see the Effen Manual) BEFORE plugging in the phone.
  • Connect the phone to the computer via a USB port connected to the system board – not a front panel port or a hub or extention port.
  • Verify successful android device driver installation in device manager.

Issues during downgrade:

  • model ID incorrect update fail – this is because your goldcard is not working.
  • READ THE EFFEN MANUAL. Reading is fundamental.


Note: AAHK filename uses ddmmyyyy naming convention.
md5: 5727960aa167b305b8f3561ffbbb1360

viperbjk is with Revskills, and his contribution is key to finally allowing one step processing where a goldcard is required. The entire process is now one menu step. A second step will be required to clear your conscience –
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Note: No money has been accepted for the AAHK or support of the AAHK by myself or anyone working with me on it.

If you have read this post and the effen-manual and get stuck during processing,
help is available in IRC at – aahkSupport

Yes, there are stupid questions.

Questions that will get you immediately kickbanned from the IRC channel with no further explanation:

Q: Do I need to flash a ROM after the hack kit is finished?
A: Kickban. The hack kit is a complete, one step process. If it finishes correctly, you are finished. What part of “fully functional” is vague?

Q: Do I need to flash a radio after the hack kit is finished?
A: Kickban. The hack kit is a complete, one step process. If it finishes correctly, you are finished. What part of “fully functional” is vague?

Q: The options menu has options to flash radios. Do I need to flash a radio?
A: Kickban. What part of “optional” is vague? This option is to make it easy for people who may have flashed another radio and want to flash back to these particular radios.

Q: Do I need to plug in the phone?
A: Kickban. If you know how to enable usb debugging without a USB connection, then I’ll change this policy. In the meantime, asking such a question just makes me think you have not read anything and/or have dedicated yourself to being an idiot.

Q: What’s the best ROM?
A: Kickban. The whole point of this is to give YOU control and allow YOU to decide. Yes, we prefer CM7 and I think it’s the only real Android choice available, but don’t ask us to think for you. If you don’t see that pretty much everything else is either ripped off or HTC Non-Sense, then you haven’t done your homework and that’s okay. Just don’t ask, because in the end, it’s YOUR choice.

Q: Facebook doesn’t work.
A: Kickban. This has nothing to do with anything but Facebook. Go ask Facebook, not us.

Q: I can’t find the pass key.
A: Kickban. Really? Then you did not really read the Effen Manual. If you really did, then you would not ask. Really.

Q: My phone won’t boot – how do I fix my HBOOT?
A: Kickban. We’ve been warning people not to flash Froyo Hboots (Including HTC ENG ones) on devices shipped with GB for well over a year now. If you do this and screw up, it’s not our fault and you’re on your own.

This IRC channel is for people who read, attempt and get stuck because of PC issues or an occasional bug introduced with a new feature. It’s not for people to troll those who dedicate their time for support without any compensation by asking a series of mindless, inane questions and observations for attention. We’re too busy for that – even if we have nothing to do. It’s beyond annoying and you will be kickbanned without warning. Read, search, think, try, then ask.

The people in #aahkSupport have been helping noobs without compensation for over a year now, with generally very good results and a generally good nature, despite being abused by some on almost a daily basis.

Thanks to:

  • Revskills for their fantastic gold card algorithym
  • GenePoole for the kickass android goldcard binary based on above
  • agrabren for fre3vo, the Gingerbread temproot used
  • scotty2 for finding the vold exploit and the author of psneuter
  • Guhl for misc_version and gfree
  • hyuh for misc_version revisions and Hboots with ENG features
  • jcase for taco root
  • shad0wf0x for his windows scripting contributions
  • ktilcu for DOC contributions
  • anthony1s for his review and unique perpective
  • neolobster for his generous file hosting
  • The > 150,000 downloaders of the hack kit, most of whom seem to get though it without issue.

84 thoughts on “Advanced Ace Hack Kit (retired – saved for posterity)

  1. It just works. Embeds all necessary binaries for Intel OSX, Intel Linux, and Windows. The doc is easy to read, the script automates all the nasty job, downloading missing parts when necessary.
    I tried it on my Mac, it took about 15 minutes to download, downgrade, patch, reboot multiple times, and only a few things to do on my side; copy/paste from a text file, pushing some buttons on the phone, everything is described in the doc and on the screen. A few minutes later and I had a brand new CM7.2 running.
    If you can read, then it’ll work. If you can’t, you’re out of luck anyway.

    • Hi Kouett,
      What was your RUU?

      I’m also on Mac, but a bit noob with Android.
      My HTC Desire HD:
      - Android 2.3.5
      - Sense 3.0
      - Software 3.12.405.1
      - Baseband

      Can i root this RUU with Mac?

      Big Thanx!

        • Ha ha, the docs say YES!

          Hi attn1, great Job that you and your friends have done here. Thank you very, very mutch.

          Today i have CM 7.2 on my Desire HD :) But you now what? I fail first.
          Yes, yes i read the docs. Once, then twice. The first run didn’t work for me. Mi device couldn’t boot – black screen… Then i find a Info about installing stock rom WWE 2.50.-(something) on a Win-machine with HTC-Sync. I did that (put ‘fastboot usb’ on device). It worked! After that i change to Mac and run your Tool again. Just perfect. Everything worked well.

          Once again – Thank You very much!

          Greets from Switzerland
          (and sorry about my english)

    • Hi Kouett,
      I’m Tring to root my Android.
      My HTC Desire HD A9191:
      - Android 2.3.5
      - Sense 3.0
      - Software 3.17.1010.1
      - Baseband

      How I can i root this. I’ve tried several times but could not! :(

      If you know can you tell Please me how to root and update!

      Thank you!

      • Read and follow these directions, use a linux livecd if you must, a USB 2.0 port and a new SDCARD and you should be fine. This is not a support forum, and is not for support questions.

  2. Read the effen manual, twice!
    Found where the passkey was going to be, loaded her up in Ubuntu, downgraded etc etc followed all the onscreen/ondevice prompts and instructions and bugger me…………….worked like an effen charm!


  3. Have nothing but Pure Respect for the work you are doing ..
    very well done and thanks alot for helping so many people like us into achieving mobile experience of freedom and doing it for the sake of research !!
    Thanks …..

  4. Hi,
    Thanks you for providing great information.

    This kit should work fine on HTC Inspire and HTC Desire HD Software versions below 3.06.405.1 which require the radio/kernel downgrade before a root exploit is available.

    But my phone currently is 3.13.707.4, did i will success to root my dhd using the abv guide and the effen manual?

  5. Attn1, a while back on a helpsite i asked you if you could help me to fix my phone after i had attempted using AAHK but failed. My desire HD wouldn’t go back on past the T mobile screen.

    I noticed you are off the xda site now, are you on any other sites?

  6. hello attn1.
    sorry for this question but my english knowledge is little low
    n i want to know that i bought my DHD installed with froyo and updated to
    GB 2.3.5
    Sense 3.0
    software number 3.12.405.1
    can i use this hack kit to root my dhd… pls reply

    thanks & regards

    • If you r English is too low to find your answer in the effen manual or the blog entry here, then I suspect it is also too low to understand any answer I can give here. READ THE ENGLISH. This is a requirement.

      • thanks for the reply attn1, i found the answer here in the posts, i was a little noob to read the comments thats why, sorry….
        downloading the downgrade ruu to downgrade my dhd first as ur kit says n then will root my dhd and install blackout ics as soon as possible….

        thanks for such a great work attn1…..!!!!!

  7. hi again attn1
    i have one problem bro i rooted successfully my DHD but my vol-down button is not working and i cant get into hboot menu, i want to flash a new custom rom on my dhd so is there any other way to get into hboot menu and flash new rom on my dhd….

    • ok attn1 no need to reply i rebooted from rom manager into recovery and all is set thanks for the great hackkit attn1
      many many many many thanks

  8. Hey attn1! Haven’t been playing with phones much lately but have recently started using my wife’s old Inspire due to breaking my Atrix 2. Just noticed you left XDA so I figured I’d seek you out and send you a big thanks for making my Aria and the Inspire killer phones. Not that you need my thanks but figured I’d send it anyway.

    Doug aka Ambictus

  9. Worked like clockwork…. U’d honestly have to b an idiot to get this wrong… Just read the EFFIN manual… No pun intended :P Thank you Dev ! U rock matey !!!

  10. I dont know why but my SD Card seems to be broke after the root … My phone doesnt recognize my SD Card anymore … Does anyone know how to fix that ?

  11. I’ve gotta say, your hack kit helped me through some quite complicated messes. Thank you for making the whole rooting processe a simple, pain-free experience. Sorry about the tight ass mods at XDA. It’s also a shame that development for the Inspire and Desire HD have pretty much come to a grinding halt. Thanks for all the effen time you invested in this hack kit.

  12. thanks for the ultimate no-frills rooting tool for htc dhd. my experience went almost smooth until the last reboot where it hangs. i force it shutdown, restart and walla! it boots well and i was greeted by the android once again…and very happy to see the ultiimate BIG word, S-OFF. now I am on CM7.2 nightly! thanks once again.

  13. hi attn1 & team aahk,
    i have dhd 2.3.5 build number 3.12.861.2 …is it possible to go through w/ the aahk alone or should i downgrade 1st?mine is a little different,it was from 3 australia.

        • I don’t know about that version. It won’t hurt to try it. If it fails, we can try something else.

          Again, this is not a support forum. Stop in IRQ when people are active and we’ll lend a hand as long as you’ve done your homework.

        • It worked for me!

          Before I started I had already done a factory reset and formatted my SD card. My phone was as clean as I could make it.

          I had to run the hack kit twice to get the downgrade to work – the first time it failed (I didn’t save the output but I think there was an issue copying the file to the SD card).
          I did the adb checks, and a reboot or two before running the hack kit again.
          The second time the downgrade to 2.3.3 worked without any issues.

          After the downgrade running the AAHK again to get S-OFF was completely trouble free.

          My observations:
          - The 3 Australia ROM will require a downgrade – you will lose everything and end up with an earlier version of android and sense.
          - After the downgrade don’t forget to re-enable USB debugging and make ‘charge only’ the default USB behaviour again.
          - There may be times when the recovery menu lingers on the phone longer than expected, have patience.

          Many thanks and appreciation to attn1 and AAHK contributors!!

  14. i did run the aahk 11092012.i got to the point where it flashed & downgraded the RUU but on the bootloader still shows S-on after the downgrade on the “ugly red triangle”…and nothing changed after 2 reboots…i think its the card integrity thing-my sdcard..i’ll try again soon & report….im still on my – 3australia unroot stock & ugly.

  15. Thanks very much! Used the Ubuntu disc method (even though I’m not a Linux user), and although that meant fumbling through Linux a bit (plus a couple of RTEM’s…), had it all done in less than an hour. Much obliged!!

  16. Thanks a million! downgraded from 3.13.421.2 without a glitch! (only had to download
    After that everthing worked like a charm!

    Almost want to do it again just to see if I missed any hilarious comments in the cmd!

  17. Hi Attn1,

    Just wanted to thank you and your team for a great hack kit. Followed the instructions on this page and read the effen manual a bunch of times. Got my DHD Vodafone rooted in a few minutes!!! Enjoying my liberated phone! Thanks again! and more power!

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  19. Hi attn1, sorry to ask this dumb question. All i want is confirmation.
    The program says that i have a 3.13.707.4. So it asked me to downgrade. and i say yes. The program said that i need to download the RUU.(PD98IMG-GB6 stuff is needed to download.
    Here’s the question, If i download that PD98IMG-GB6 stuff, will I be successful to root my HTC DHD? Will the program will does it all?

    Sorry for the dumb question, but i really need your confirmation badly.
    Thanks. Hoping for a positive reply!

  20. Hi, I followed all the rules and everything works perfectly apart from one thing. While on the call loadspeaker and mute doesn’t work. You can press the buttons and they heighlight but not working. I tried couple of ROMs and experienced the same problem. I made a conclusion that it’s not due to the ROM. Is it possible that something might went wrong while flashing the device and maybe you know how to fix it? I tried google and couldn’t find anything sensible. Thank you in advance.

    HTC Desire HD

  21. i have successfully rooted with aahk running 2.2 desire hd but after that my camera turns black and white i have used other camera app but the result is same

    kindly help

    • This is not a support channel. The Hack Kit uses only stock firmware, so it’s impossible for the hack kit to cause this. You need to ask yourself what you flashed that is not stock. Try flashing an RUU. If the camera is still not working properly, then it is a hardware issue.

  22. Get to:
    Patching and backing up misc partition…
    starting update process

    -Just freezes with the white HTC and black background.
    Any ideas? can’t find the answer in the effin manual

  23. Hi,

    after upgrading my DHD to Android 4.0.4 HTC Sense 4.1 (Sabsa Prime v12.0) according the manual above, all “chat” apps like gtalk, viber or whatsup don’t send or recive messages when on mobile data (but on WIFI it works just fine).
    Any help please?

  24. hey, my problem is that htc drivers given in the hack kit wont install! i tried multiple times but when it comes to “run as admin” and I press allow, nothing happens furthur! just nothing! what should I do? can i use htc sync instead? plz help!

    • Once again, support is not here. It’s impossible to support when only half the information needed is supplied. So non-interactive support is not offered. If you want our support, you will have to try the IRC channel when we are there. Be patient – we’re not available every hour.

  25. I would like to add my thanks to the others for the AAHK. I started with an Inspire 4g. As suggested, I READ/READ/READ all that I could to gain some base knowledge. Because I was on 3.20.502.52 (I wasn’t aware of the kit in time to NOT do this), I took the needed steps to allow properly set up my phone. Then, I used Ubuntu (to avoid Windows issues) to run the Kit and the Kit did its ‘magic’ – downgrade in one pass, followed by the changes to free my phone in another pass. It just worked as described and it’s nice to know that I have the ability to change (and responsibility for changes) to my phone’s OS.

  26. Just a quick thanks to attn1!

    HTC desire dhd running android 3.3.5 and sense 3.0 downgraded and rooted quick and easy thanks to this great site !
    The first run downgraded android version , I then prepped phone/pc again and the second run rooted phone. The only thing that caught me out after I was finished was trying to run the fastboot reboot command when phone was not in fastboot… doh !

  27. htc drivers given in aahk are not working on windows 8 even after applying compatiblity mode!

    should i install htc sync because it works perfectly on win8

  28. Hi

    Please help me!

    The AAKH does not download
    He writes:
    HTTP requrest sent, awaiting response … 404 Not Found

    Sorry I do not speak English.

          • Yeah we know bad stuff happened at XDA.

            But you know what? Thats not a reason to act like a complete asshole to some people just looking for help.
            Instead of just telling them to google the files, because there are mirrors available.

            Stupid Jerk. Maybe that mod was right….

          • What happened on XDA long ago had nothing to do with my decision to pull the plug on the hack kit. The DHD is an old device now, and interest in it among competent hackers waned long ago. I never said to Google for the files I took offline. I said my support of the Hack Kit is stopping – that’s all. That means my support and hosting of it on my server. I gave notice, people downloaded everything before I took it offline and made it all available elsewhere. There was a goodly monthly cost to maintaining that server that I could no longer justify. I don’t see what the big deal is. The fact that someone has posted the RUUs elsewhere is of no concern to me. Those were never my files to begin with. Perhaps your issue is that you really don’t get the concept of no longer supported.

            Further, before I took it offline, I posted another way of doing this process, a little more manual, but not requiring any ROM downgrades or data loss on anyone’s phone. Any competent would be Android hacker should be able to get through that.

            I don’t really care how many people think they are entitled to my work, my continued support or my money (thru my webhosting). They aren’t, period.

            You’re acting like you’re just a punk looking for your moment in the sun spitting vitriol with no substance. Well, I just validated your message, so you should be happy now.

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