CWM Touch for Pantech Burst with Brick-bug safe kernel

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These are official Clockworkmod Recoveries, made from Koush’s build box from our repo. I’ve made them flashable from CWM. I also packed up a stock recovery to flash from CWM. If you don’t have CWM installed yet, you can just unzip them and do:

fastboot boot recovery.img

then mount the sdcard in mounts and storage, then:

adb push ( /sdcard/

Then flash it to install it permanently.

If you are already rooted, these recoveries are also available on Rom Manager and Rom Manager Premium (for the touch recovery)


CWM Touch Recovery :
CWM Standard Recovery :
Pantech Stock Recovery:

Notes about the following version of Clockworkmod Recovery:

CWM Touch ATTN1 :

7 thoughts on “CWM Touch for Pantech Burst with Brick-bug safe kernel

    • I’ll add a link to my kernel repo. I used a stock kernel except for the patch for the emmc bug.

      The bug is actually a bug in the EMMC controller of several series Samsung EMMC chips. These chips are used by a lot of manufacturers, not just Samsung, so the problem impacts a lot of devices randomly. To compound the problem these chip are interchangeable parts with others, so some models have some devices that have the bug and some that do not. It’s a crapshoot – so to prevent this bug from rearing it’s head, every ICS kernel and later should have this particular EMMC erase feature patched out.

  1. Very good job ! Appreciate your work a lot . But It would have been better to have twrp touch recovery . I would love to use that , although thats just another recovery but still if you have time please can build and compile ? Also If you upload the compiled kernel that would be alot better . And If you can tweak the kernel and add some tweaks and all their and add a undervolt support also I can add that in my rom here –>

    • None of that will ever be in the scope of this project. You are free to customize to your hearts content once the Hack Kit is complete. The objective is basic root and CWM and a working stock ROM otherwise.

      You are free to do all or none of the things you mentioned; that’s up to you.

  2. well , I compiled CM10 . It worked fine . But the recovery.img compiled with it doesn’t boot . why so ?Is there any special requirements for burst to get recovery compiled properly ?

    • You need to add some zeros to the end of your recovery image. Try this:

      dd if=/dev/zero of=boot.img bs=2048 count=1 oflag=append conv=notrunc

      Make sure the kernel you are using has been brick bug patched, or you are going to end up bricking with a data wipe.

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